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The Ronald McDonald House

You've all heard me mention the Ronald McDonald house. I'd planned on doing just a blog post about it but honestly, it deserves it's own page on this blog. The Ronald McDonald house has been our home away from home. It opened up on Nov. 1 in Children's Hospital and we found out about it about a week later. The first 5 weeks of our stay at Children's, we would try to make our $45 gift card to the cafeteria stretch for lunch each week, which didn't ever work for the 3 of us, as well as dinners on the weekend. We would take turns hanging out in the lobby with Olivia while the other went up to visit Ella, while Olivia went nuts from being bored. Since the Ronald McDonald house opened, we are able to eat there, bring Olivia up there and switch off with her, nap there with Olivia, play there, relax there...anything we need to do. It's enabled us to be able to spend everyday until Shane goes to work at the hospital, as well as the entire day there on the weekends. It gives us more time with Ella, as well as more time with Olivia because we don't need to get babysitters to go see Ella. They have a big TV with cable, games, a fully stocked, top of the line kitchen...it's beyond amazing.

If people are interested in donating to the Ronald McDonald house, there are many things you can do. Check out http://www.rmhtwincities.org/ to find out what you can do to help them out. It's an amazing organization that has made such a HUGE difference in our lives and made the stress we experience by having our precious baby Ella in the hospital for such a long time just a tiny bit less!

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