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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

9w5d old

66 days old/days in NICU
Weight: 5 lbs 12.5 oz (+2.5 oz)

Today, Ella is needing a bit more O2. More like in the 40% range. Her nurse, Margo (our fave) said that's not necessarily a terrible thing and it's just something we'll keep an eye on. Hopefully she doesn't require more overnight. Right now, she's on 1 liter of pressure on the low flow and we're hoping to go down to .5 liter, which is the most she can go home on. Obviously we don't want her on it if she isn't ready, but we're hoping she's READY for it, or will be in the next few days. Ella is now getting 48 mls per feeding (a whopping ONE ml more then she was before haha) and has taken 3 bottles and taken them very well. I had a lot of fears we'd have issues going back to breast but today she nursed 2 out of the 4 times we tried. Hopefully she doesn't continue on this path of not always nursing though because when she comes home I intended on exclusively breastfeeding. I think she will, in time. The doctor ordered that Ella is now feeding by mouth by cue. So as she indicates that she's hungry, she will take all feedings by breast or bottle. If she wakes up squawking, as my Ella is known to do, she'll get to eat by mouth. Another step in the direction of coming home!!! 

Ella and I took a walk out in the unit today!! That was really exciting! I had her in my sling for a while, and then I took her out and wrapped in her a blanket so she could look around. It was a lot of fun! 

And today...Ella is officially TOO LONG for most of her preemie stuff!! Margo gave her a bath and got her dressed but her legs were scrunched up so we had to change her into a newborn outfit which fits perfectly!! Last night I was going through Ella's clothes and I realized just how LITTLE size "Newborn" stuff I have (VERY different from 0-3 month!!) so it looks like we'll need to get some newborn clothes for little Miss Ella!! l

First size Newborn outfit--she believed it was time to eat, not take pictures

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