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Saturday, December 18, 2010

First full day home

Wow, what a journey it was going through the NICU. It's amazing to finally be home. Yesterday, we didn't even know 100% sure if Ella was coming home until we were driving to the hospital. We were about 90% sure but you never know with the NICU! We got her all ready to go, got her medications (it's a good dang thing Ella qualifies for MA because of her prematurity and chronic lung disease because a single months worth of just ONE of the meds she came home on would have cost $1500), went over discharge and 3 hours later...we walked out of the ICC to start our life as a family of 4!!! 

We got home and we could hear Olivia in the apartment...she knew we were there and she was trying to open the door to greet us. She immediately knew we had Ella and was enthralled! She was giving her hugs and kisses right away. I sat on the couch and she brought a blanket over and started playing peekaboo with Ella. It was so sweet. We spent the day lounging around with the girls, letting Olivia get to know Ella and just relaxing as a family of 4. We got take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant to celebrate Ella coming home. 

All in all, it was just a nice coming home day. We did absolutely nothing except watch a movie and sit around relaxing with the girls. Olivia is absolutely in love with her little sister and Ella seems to be pretty fascinated with her big sister! Ella is breastfeeding like a pro and she wakes up to eat. We don't have to set alarms or force her to eat. The only problem I've encountered so far is she seems to be a one boob baby so far--she does NOT like my right side and will scream if I try to get her to eat on that side. I'm going to work on that though--I don't want a one boob baby!!! 

Here's some pictures from the day!

Now that Ella is home, I'm still planning on continuing to blog about our family and update everyone on the girls and just life in general!! 

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  1. Thank you so much Christa for sharing your family with us so candidly! I feel like I'm a part of your family and know you all so much better for it! I'll be a total stranger to you all, but that's ok! HUGS! I'm wiping away tears of joy for you all!!