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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a day!!

Lots of things happening this week! Ella had her carseat test--which she passed. She had a kidney scan that showed the stones were still there but they weren't any worse and she had a brain ultrasound which showed that the stage one brain bleed had cleared itself up. Hurray! Totally on the right track! She's taken EVERYTHING by mouth since, I think, Saturday and is gaining weight. She's on 1/8 a liter at 100% O2.

Yesterday we found out that Shane's work is refusing to give him the law required FMLA. Don't get me started. Yes, we could fight it. Then he could lose his job. So we just decided it's not something we can deal with right now. They're giving him 2 weeks off after Christmas and we simply CANNOT be without his job. Plain and simple. Believe me, I've raged and raged about this and many a naughty word has slipped passed my lips so please don't tell us how we can fight it. It sucks but our family comes first and our family will be homeless without his job. So he only gets the day she comes home off and we had to fight even for that. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, her night nurse found what appears to be a hernia on her vulva. Sigh. The NICU neonatologist thought it was a lymph node, our ICC neonatologist thought it was a hernia and the surgeon (who is a total A-hole), who hasn't even looked at it, is convinced it is a hernia and it's her ovary and it needs to be replaced immediately. Tomorrow he's coming to check her out and the surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon on the basis that if she doesn't need it, it can be cancelled. What really sucks about this was that this morning we were raring to go out the doors Thursday morning. If she has this surgery, according to the jerk surgeon, it would push it back to Friday. ::mental head bang:: I know, it's one day but Shane already has Thursday off as an approved day but we won't know till Thursday morning if she's going home on Thursday or Friday. It's been a lot of ups and downs today with all this hernia crap.

Tomorrow we have our O2, monitor and CPR brush up training and we'll learn her meds. The good news is that Ella should be home before the weekend (which Shane has to work..again, don't get me started).

Sorry this post is all over the place and doesn't flow well. I'm super busy and just writing while I pump.

Who cares........

ELLA'S COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


  1. I'm so happy for you!
    Try not to stress too much about Shane, stress is no good.
    Everything will work out, we all know that!!
    Congrats on bringing her home BEFORE Christmas!

  2. I am SO Frieking HAPPY that Ella is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) So very very sorry Shane's work is being so difficult :( That so sucks. I hope the surgery goes quick and easy today. I am praying for you all!! I am so excited that Ella will be home by the weekend!! :) AWESOME NEWS!!! :)