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Monday, November 8, 2010

37 days old

37 days old/days in NICU
Weight: 3 lbs 9.4 oz ( +10 grams)*
*30 grams=1 ounce

Not too much change today. Ella is still the same amount of O2, so they are going to be giving her a dosage of Lasiks (the diuretic) everyday. The murmur is still coming and going, it hasn't been heard today but it was heard yesterday. I'm REALLY hoping that the diuretic will help with her O2 needs. I asked what happened if it doesn't, and the nurse just said she thought it would. Then I got on another topic and forgot to pursue it. 

On the bright side, the doctors and nurses see what a drastic difference Ella's O2 is at when we kangaroo with her and are really encouraging us to kangaroo with her. This week will be my first week staying every night, so that should be interesting. Luckily they have the Ronald McDonald house opened which is beyond amazing. It has a stocked pantry, a full, top of the line kitchen, a big screen TV that's at least twice the size of our TV...it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll actually be staying in Ella's room but the Ronald McDonald house is open from 9-9 for families and friends to use. 

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