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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

32 days

Try to burp Ella after breastfeeding. Turn on your volume. 

32 days old/days in NICU
Weight: 3 lbs 7 oz ( +1 oz)

I don't have too many changes to report but I thought I'd blog just to do a quick update and I have some cute pictures to show, of course. Ella is gaining about 20 grams a day, so almost an ounce a day which is right on track with what she should gain. Today, her feedings went from 28 ml every 2 hours to 30 ml every 2 hours, which is an ounce every 2 hours. As she gains weight, her feedings will increase. As her feedings increase, her weight will go up. As her weight goes up, her ability to keep herself warm will happen. Two key steps in coming home!!! She's also breastfeeding VERY well. It's rare for babies to breastfeed before 34 weeks. I am able to try and breastfeed up to 4 times a day and so far, she's nursed somewhere around 50% of the time I've brought her to breast I'm guessing. Sometimes she sleeps, a few other times she likes to latch, suck suck then stop and look at the curtains in her hospital room. She does this JUST enough to cause a let down then she'll let that drip into her mouth and then go back to looking around. I've decided she does this on purpose just to make life slightly more difficult for me :-D. I make stubborn babies!!!

The ICC is pretty fabulous because we can pretty much hold her as much as we want, as long as she's tolerating it well and still gaining weight. I can take her out and put her in her bed, which is fun because I'm leaning more how she prefers to be positioned. I've gotten much more comfortable with holding her and moving her around. She's really her own little person and she knows what she wants, when she wants it. All the nurses notice and comment on it. She's like a mini Olivia. Oh boy!!

Today Olivia woke up with a cold!! BOO! Shane is sick too. I'm super worried about getting sick so I'm wearing a face mask at home and we are also doing a vitamin regime that my friend suggested which will help now and also help boost our immune systems to help us fight things off. We'll continue doing that to help protect ourselves (which protects Ella), especially through RSV season.


  1. Oh no.. don't get sick Momma.. I'm so sorry!!! Ella is gorgeous... and so cute with the burping LOL : I LOvE that you can get her out when you want to and hold her when you want... that is wonderful :) No more scheduling around the nurse/doctors schedules to hold her:) YAY! :) Is Ella liking the more often contact? I am SO happy she is nursing like she is! :) She is doing it the lazy way but at least she is getting it :) Are all of her feedings still breastmilk? YAY I bet they are! I said it before and I'm a gonna say it again... YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!!!! :) (and apparently Olivia AND Ella have inherited it :) ) Go Momma :)

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  3. Oh yeah, all feedings are breastmilk. They just put human milk fortifier in it. I refuse to let her have any formula. No one will ever convince me that in any possible way is formula better then my breast milk.

    I think she's liking it, yeah. We don't hold her constantly of course...when she's out, she's burning calories and she does start to destat after periods of tiem. If she's nursed, she can stand being out for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes before she starts destating pretty regularly. We just let her tell us when it's time to get back into her bed.

  4. Oooh... whatchu doing removing comments?? JK