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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sisters, Halloween and ICC

Olivia and Ella meeting 10/31/2010

30 days old/days in NICU
Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz ( +1 oz)

I didn't have time to write yesterday. It was such a busy, busy day with Olivia coming to the hospital and then trick or treating, AND Ella moved to the ICC. Wow, so much happened, I don't even know where to start. Let's go chronologically. 

In the morning we went and I breastfed Ella again, very successfully. She's a breastfeeding champion! Hurray! Then I called Shane and he brought Olivia up to see Ella. She was adorable in her Little Red Riding Hood costume and won over all the nurses with how adorable she was! She came in and instantly knew that mama was holding Ella. She was very well behaved and came up and sat on my lap. We didn't even have to tell her how to be around Ella, it seemed that it was very instinctual. She was very gentle and touched her very softly. A few times she took Ella's hat off, but I think that was a combination of wanting to see Ella's head and also the fact that Olivia has a hat just like Ella's so she was probably wondering why Ella was wearing her hat. It was really wonderful and I was SO glad they were able to meet! Here are some more pictures from the meeting. 
First time she actually saw Ella

First family picture

Big Sister!

Ella is now on feedings every 3 hours and getting 28 ml each feeding. That's just under an ounce every 3 hours. She also gets to breastfeed (or try to) 2x a day. Hopefully that will go up soon!! 

Yesterday, Ella moved into the ICC!! I don't have any pictures because I forgot the camera both times we've gone there since she's been moved. The ICC is at Children's so we were really happy to be able to stay at Children's. Dr. Bendel-Stenzel (aka Gods right hand) called us yesterday and said a bed had opened up and she'd be moving over there. Hurry!! Very exciting. A little nerve wracking because we don't know anything about the ICC or the nurses but I'm sure it will be great! Just one step closer to her going home. 

Getting ready! 
Getting ready to go for our first trick or treating! 
Trick or treating with Daddy

We got our loot! 
 We brought Olivia trick or treating to a few houses yesterday. I was able to fit her coat under her costume so we were able to see her whole costume, which was neat. We only did about a block, maybe 6 or 7 houses but she had fun. 


  1. love those sister shots, so precious!

  2. Wonderful news on not changing hospitals !:) Olivia is adorable :) So glad they were able to meet :)

  3. Hi Christa,

    I emailed you about your milk donation offer and haven't heard back...wondering if it went to your junk mail? Our trip is tomorrow so I am trying to put it all together and I thought I would try to contact you here.

    I imagine life with a 2 yr old and nicu bb is very challenging so I understand if it will not work out.

    I hope all is well, Paige (508) 979-8887 or cell (508) 560-0597

  4. Sooo glad to hear you didn't have to change hospitals! Things are moving along in a positive direction, which is spectacular! I agree with you that Olivia is just cuter than cute!!! I had to laugh at you putting the coat under the Halloween costume - it was so hot down here the kids couldn't even wear their masks! What a hoot!!! Glad that you guys are still coping so well! Prayers continue to be poured out on your behalf - HUGS!!!