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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6w3d old

45 days old/days in NICU
Weight: 4 lbs 4.5 (no change)

Today was a good day! Ella is off the antibiotics. There was definitely no growth on the cultures done on her urine, blood and spinal fluid--thank GOD!! She still has the IV in but that'll probably come out tonight or tomorrow morning. They don't like to take out a perfectly good IV in case the babies end up needing something. Yeah, I thought that was weird too. But she doesn't like IVs and they've needed to change it 3x since Saturday so I suspect that bad boy will be out by tomorrow morning at the latest! 

She's down to 2.5 liters today and around 35-40% O2. Her neonatologist will put her at 2 liters in the morning if everything goes good overnight (it's been fine all day so that will be happening) and then we'll be back to breastfeeding. We should also be looking at getting OUT of the incubator and INTO a crib in the next few days!! Hurray!! Now all we need to do is get her to be able to take every feeding from breast (or bottle they say but no bottles for me for now.......) and hopefully get off oxygen or at least off the high flow cannula. I'm reasonably sure Ella will be coming home on O2 but I HIGHLY doubt it'll be on the high flow cannula. 

Today is 11-16-2010 and my due date is precisely one month from today. Hopefully we can accomplish feeding before then because I tell you, if my due date comes and goes and we're still in that hospital, I will be absolutely crushed! I'm already bummed we're spending Thanksgiving IN the hospital (yes, in the actual hospital, we're eating at the Ronald McDonald house and our family is coming to the hospital). 

I actually have some cute pictures from today but it appears I left my camera at the hospital or in my car. I'm too tired to go out and check my car though so this will be a picture free post. 

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