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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What an AMAZING DAY!! (8 weeks)

Don't you just want to chew on those cheeks?? <3

55 days old/days in NICU
Weight: 4 lbs 15.5oz (+70 grams)

Today was a good day at the ICC!! Ella's still on the same amount of pressure, 3 liters, but it seems that the albuterol neb treatments may be working! She needed just a little bit less O2 today. The biggest thing that happened today was that Ella nursed for ALL FEEDINGS from 12 PM until 9 PM. That's 4 feedings...which is the amount of times we're allowed to breastfeed. Well, Ella actually nursed 5 times today...but they were half an hour apart and Margo (our favorite nurse) and I decided that the two nursing sessions were so close together, we'd just call it one...hehehe. Sh, don't tell! ;-) So tomorrow, we're REALLY hoping to be able to nurse on demand! This is one of the BIG things we need to conquer before coming home. Feeding, and then get off the high flow cannula! That's it...then she's home! 
THAT is a true milk drunk look RIGHT there <3 <3
Today my very good friend Meghan got to come see Ella and hold her. It was really fun! She also got to see Ella nurse, which she was just over the moon about! I {heart} my friends who are so into breastfeeding like me!  
Meghan and Ella


  1. oooh i'm jealous of Meghan! i can't wait to meet baby Ella :D

    and again - YAY for the rocking breastfeeding day! WOOHOO!

  2. I'm jealous too!!! Maybe I'll get a chance before she comes home? Might be a race. We still have illness in our house, My grandparents both ended up sick from the cold Emerson & I had last week... and now my mom and Gordon might have it. Ugh!!!

  3. Well you are certainly welcome Deanna <3

    And you may hold her as well!