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Sunday, October 17, 2010

15 days old and lots of snuggles!

A video of Ella doing what she does best. Being adorable! :D

15 days old/days in the NICU
Weight: 3 lbs 2.5 oz (-2 oz)

I could just write every blog post from here until Ella comes home: She's doing even better!! Okay, I know that's not true and we'll probably have our bad days but things are finally looking up after 2 weeks of absolutely no progress (even the little that there was, we backtracked and ended up at -0-). Ella lost another 2 ounces and is really starting to look like her skinny, wrinkly self again. She is still pooping and peeing really good which means that not only is she losing that water weight, but she's digesting her food! They have been increasing it by .5 every 8 hours and they haven't had to stop the feedings at all because she's digesting it. Right now, she should be at (I believe) 3 ml an hour...maybe 3.5. I can't totally remember. 
She was so awake and aware today! 
Her doctor told us today that she'll be off the vent very soon AND those IV's are going to come out in a day or two! She's receiving very little support from the ventilator so we're right there on the brink of not needing it anymore. I SO hope we are there when they make that call so we can get pictures of her coming off it!!! I'm SO excited for this milestone. It's such a huge thing! Today when I was there in the afternoon, Ella almost pulled her vent out and I warned the respiratory therapist who moved her hand and then muttered "She'd be fine without it." I just about puked from happiness. I have a feeling it will be within a day or two that it comes out, but I'm trying not to get TOO excited about that or get too high of expectations. 

Today was an exciting day also because we got to do K-care again (THIRD DAY IN A ROW!). Daddy was the one who did it today. I can't speak for him but based on the pictures the nurse took, I'd say he was pretty much over the moon. What do you think?
This picture makes my heart melt <3

One of my closest friends, and Ella's Godmother Faith, came to visit for the day. On the day Ella was born, Faith and her fiancee Kevin drove over 3 hours to be there with us. They stayed, I believe an hour or two, most of which are pretty fuzzy to me, got to see Ellas foot, brought me some bananas since the dang nurse wouldn't let me eat, hugged us and left. She's a wonderful friend and such an important part in my girls' lives. Today she got to meet Ella for the first time. My heart exploded when I saw how much love she obviously had for Ella. My girls are lucky to have such a loving person who adores them so much in their life! I posted some pictures of Faith meeting Ella. 

I also got an unexpected surprise today! We were there and Ella was getting a new incubator. Right as we were going to leave, her nurse said to another nurse "Mom will hold her while we're switching them [the incubators]." Needless to say, we didn't leave ha ha ha! It was only for a few minutes but it was still a wonderful, special surprise and very fun because it was the first time I got to hold her in my arms as opposed to against my chest. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE K-care and it's amazing but it was fun to actually FEEL her weight! Here are some pictures from that. 

Olivia had a fun time seeing Arianna (my friends step daughter) whom she adores, and of course her auntie "Fait"! She LOVES Faith and I know that Ella will too!! :D 
Olivia and her auntie "Fait"

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