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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Health update and more kangaroo care!

Health Update: Each day, the NICU weighs Ella so I thought it might be nice to share what that weight is each day if I remember! Today, she weighs 2 lbs 10 oz. I was surprised that she hasn't actually lost any weight because usually babies lose 10% of their weight in the first day or so. The nurse said it's possible that the scales are slightly different which I personally thought was a lame excuse because when babies are this small, should you really be off by a few ounces? Oh well. I spoke to her doctor today and she had her second dosage of the medication to close the heart murmur and it's already seeming to work! The nurses last night were able to hear the murmur but the new round of nurses as well as the doctors were unable to hear it this morning so that valve is starting to close up. The doctor did say that it could open back up partially after a few weeks and then slowly re-close, but that it was perfectly normal. Ella is still on the ventilation but they are still slowly weaning her and the doctor said she is doing wonderfully well. I spoke with our social worker at the NICU today and got lots of really good information about parking, eating there etc etc. Insurance and the hospital is extremely helpful with families who need it in these situations. I was so relieved to speak to her....it felt like this HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulders. When she was telling me some of the information I felt like we'd won the lottery with how much less stress I feel! It makes the next several weeks feel more about Ella and less about paperwork, financial and insurance stress etc. I also spoke to a lady whose job it is is to specifically work with siblings of children in the NICU. We talked about ways to talk to Olivia and what we should say to Olivia about Ella. One thing I really liked that she suggested getting Olivia was a doctors play set so that we could explain to Olivia what they do with Ella at the hospital while she grows bigger and stronger. There are also several books that the lady suggested that are recommended for siblings of preemie or NICU babies.

Today Shane got to hold Olivia for the first time. He was absolutely thrilled and Ella was happy as a clam all cuddled up into her daddy's fuzzy mat on his chest ;-). It was so much fun to see how much they both loved it!! It was so precious and wonderful. I'm so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man who loves his beautiful girls so much. My heart could just explode at how much he loves his family. He's a very, very good daddy!! After Shane spent over an hour doing some kangaroo care with Ella, she got put back in her bed. She was getting extremely cranky and kept trying to alternately suck on and rip off her ventilator. The nurse said it's possible she would take it off herself, and it might mean she doesn't need it anymore. They've weaned her pretty far off of it so she SHOULD be off the ventilator tomorrow. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Then she was on her tummy and she got all attitudey about that too. She was cranking at the nurse pretty good until she turned Ella on her back and changed her positions. She's already got a little attitude, just like her big sister!!


  1. this is so sweet! love to hear about it! glad they are working with you about financial crap. That's such a great thing! hope baby ella gets to be home soon!!

  2. Baby Ella & family
    Are in my prayers. I found you
    On the klove face book.
    You are in God's hands
    And He has great plans for
    You sweet child . Philippians4:4-7
    May the peace of God which surpasses all understand guard your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus
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  3. Hello
    I am a Paediatrician working in Ethiopia and came across your site when trying to produce a presentation on Kangaroo care in developing countries. I wondered if it would be possible to use one of the images of Dad with baby having Kangaroo care as I think it is a great example of the practice! If not then i understand of course. Kind Regards
    Dr Toby candler