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Sunday, October 3, 2010


This evening, before Shane and Olivia left to go home, Shane wheeled me down to the NICU so I could see Ella one more time that night. He was going to wait int the waiting room with Olivia while I went and touched Ella and spent some time with her (isn't he a good husband!?). When we got up there, Shane asked the nurse to wheel me in so he could go into the waiting area with Olivia and she told him we could put a mask on Olivia (since she was at the end of a cold) and bring her in to meet Ella!!! Considering she's 2 and a real pain in the butt sometimes, Olivia actually did amazingly well!! She kept the mask on and while she got a little antsy, she handled it well. She told us that we needed to "Go home" and indicated that Ella should come with us. <3 <3 It was so touching!! Hopefully next week or the week after, once Ella is a little more stable and can come out of her isolette, we can bring Olivia in one more time so they can touch each other!! 

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  1. How hard for them not to be able to spend more time together :( Poor Olivia! :( I am SO glad Olivia got to see her though :) It can be SO confusing all this talk of a new baby coming home, then mommy is home with no new baby, but everyone is TALKING about the new baby :( Many pictures everyday is my only advice!:(