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Friday, October 1, 2010

My dreams are coming through for us at least!!

Day 31 of bedrest
76 days left until my EDD
20 days left until 32 weeks

I had to just quick write a brief post about a dream I woke up from this evening. I dreamt that I was sitting in a living room on the hospital bed and Ella was snuggled up into my arms breastfeeding. So many of you know how incredibly strongly I feel about breastfeeding and what I went through with Olivia to ensure she got breast milk and while I'll do it all over again for Ella, I truly hope and pray that she'll latch on and breastfeed. It was such a positive, beautiful dream that I just had to share. 

I will write another post later today with an update on what's going on, but I thought this deserved it's own posting. :) 

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  1. so - you can add one more day to your count! (drip by drip the cup is filled...) I'm so grateful for every hour you can keep that little bun in the oven! HUGs!!!