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Thursday, September 30, 2010

29 weeks pregnant today

Day 30 of bedrest
77 days left until my EDD
21 days left until 32 weeks

No major changes today. They did another 24 hour urine but we won't know the results until the morning. Yesterday I was hyperreflexive which meant that when they were checking my reflexes they were too reflexive but today it's better. There were a few times when they were a bit hyperreflexive but nothing like yesterday. That can be a warning sign of seizures so hyperreflexive=bad news bears. The doctor and nurses said that they are really really trying for a week but they anticipate it to be within the next few days...which we already knew but they said it again. I have been retaining a lot of water and gaining anywhere from 1-3 lbs a day. Between last night and this afternoon, I'd gained 3 lbs in about 12 hours. So I'm really retaining a lot of water and not doing well these days...

The bright side is that my headaches and vision issues haven't gotten worse. The bad news is they haven't gotten any better. My BP will occasionally come down a little bit but it always seems to jump back up. I get bad headaches but they have found that percocet takes the major edge off. If any of this gets any worse, it will be time to do a c-section. 

And yes, you read that right. A C-section. I was informed today, after all of my planning for an attempted VBAC that I will not be allowed to have a VBAC. To be honest, it was extremely difficult news to be told and I don't especially want to blog about it. I am feeling a lot of loss over this and trying to move past it and work on accepting the fact that my last baby will have to be born via c-section and I'll never know what  it's like to have a regular vaginal delivery. I've worked on a plan for the c-section with my doula to try and make my birth as much MINE as we can and am coming around to acceptance. 

On the bright side, some my dear friends are coming to the hospital tomorrow night for a girls night and to do a belly cast. I'm looking forward to that and will definitely take some pictures! 

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