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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My two year old can climb a ladder, but I can't

Day 18 of bedrest
89 days left until my EDD

Shane brought Olivia to the park today. The poor girl has been inside pretty much all week without going outside to play and I told him he has to spend lots of time playing outside with her. Tomorrow they are going to go to the Children's Museum. Anyways, he brought her to the playground today, which she LOVES to do, and she climbed the thin ladder bars all by herself!! I'm pretty sure this is some kind of milestone. She could climb stairs okay but these are those thin pole ladders that are always in the playgrounds and she's never been able to climb them before. They don't have any support in the back and they are widely spaced apart so it was pretty neat to hear about and see a video of it from Shane. I love that when he takes her places without me, he tries to get videos on his phone (which takes amazing videos) so that I can see them later. Last weekend, when they went to the Zoo, he even had her say hi to mama from the zoo. I have to say, the title for this blog post came from Shane. We thought it was pretty silly and a fun little title for today.


  1. Awe! We shoulda thought this through and Gordon could have met him with Emerson! They were bachelors it this morning! :)

  2. Of course!!!! DUH! Well, they are planning on going to the childrens museum tomorrow...oh no, but it won't be till later cause they are going to church in the morning.