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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yet another hospital visit..

I just realized, you can hear Ella's heartbeat in the background of this!!

Day 25 of bedrest
82 days left until my EDD

Yesterday (Friday 9-24), my BP went up to 178/111 while laying down. I figured it was a fluke so I waited 15 minutes and checked it again. This time it was 166/104. I'm supposed to call if it's over 160/100. So I called into L&D and of course, they wanted me to come in. Shane came and picked Olivia and I up and we all trooped over to L&D. When we got there, I was sitting on the bed and my eyes started bugging out. It felt almost like I was looking through a kalaidescope except everything was how it should be. Or like when you see on cartoons how ants see? All the different facets? That's how the room looked. Kind of spotty. Very bad sign. I laid down and the nurses came in and took my BP. It was still pretty high, I believe high 140's/100 or something like that. They waited about 15 minutes and took it again and it was in the mid 150's/high 90's so essentially the same. They checked my urine (all this talk about pee in this blog!!) and the protein was +3--very bad. 

One of the doctors came in and started talking about options. She said that at some point soon, maybe today (as in yesterday), we were going to need to start Magnesium Sulfate. Now, I was on mag when I was pregnant with Olivia and those of you who came in and saw me at the hospital, or who spoke to me on the phone may remember how totally spaced out I was. NOT my idea of a good time.  A little later, my BP came down a little bit (must safer numbers, or at least for me) and another doctor came in. He said that they were going to take another urine sample directly from my bladder and check it. If the protein didn't show up as trace or +1, he would call my doctor over at Abbott Hospital (where I'll have to deliver if I deliver before 32 weeks) and that essentially I wasn't going home. We were extremely nervous at that point. They did a catheter speciman (I wont go into the details of this but pretty much on of the worst things EVER..and keep in mind that I have had a baby!!) and sent it to the lab. Everyone was holding their breath, even our nurses. My main nurse was literally checking the lab results every few minutes waiting for them to get the results back to us. She finally called and had them tell her over the phone. Thank GOD, the protein was showing up as +1. It was a pretty nerve wracking night. 

After about 6 hours in L&D, after having almost been admitted and quite possibly had Ella, we were able to go home. Same old strict bedrest and they doubled my BP meds. The unfortunate thing is that my preeclampsia seems to be getting worse a little at a time. Today, I was sitting up for about 15 minutes and I started getting the spotty vision again. For the first half of the day, my fingers were swollen to the point where I had a difficult time closing them and that was just with laying down. 

I added a video that Shane took of Olivia being super silly at the hospital last night as a kind of bright spot in the post. It's definitely worth watching. She was being pretty adorable (up until bedtime when she got SUPER cranky!!). 

Just keep sending prayers and positive thoughts our way...

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