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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things are slowly getting worse unfortunately

Day 29 of bedrest
78 days left until my EDD
22 days left until 32 weeks

Today my doctor came and spoke to me about transferring to Abbott Hospital. The deal with Abbott is that they are directly connected to Children's Hospital, which has a Level III NICU. A Level III NICU is set up to take babies that are born before 32 weeks gestation. My doctor says that with the symptoms I'm experiencing as well as the very high levels of protein in my urine, my preeclampsia has slipped from mild to severe preeclampsia. With the mag sulfate and the constant flow of fluids they are putting into me through IV, my kidneys are functioning a little better but they are still struggling and spilling protein into my urine. The preeclampsia is just getting worse as we go along and one of these days, sooner rather then later unfortunately, it's going to come to the point where it could be deadly for me to continue carrying Ella. 

So, this afternoon, an ambulance brought me over to Abbott. It was an extremely rough and emotional afternoon. My mag sulfate was tuned up to an extremely high dosage and I was non functional. I was unable to walk to the bathroom without falling, carry a conversation without falling asleep or messing up my words or even answer basic questions. By the time I got to Abbott Hospital, I was unable to even sign paperwork or verify the information on my wrist band for admission. Shane had to sign my paperwork and they read the information out loud to me to verify it. I assume they said the right thing since my wrist band has the correct information on it! Thank GOD, the doctors here decided to turn the Mag Sulfate down quite a bit. I'm still struggling on the mag of course, it's a very difficult drug to be on but I'm able to walk with assistance, carry a conversation and I even managed to yell at Shane a few times for annoying me. Good sign right? :) :) 

This is, has been and will continue to be the most emotional journey. I can't describe what I'm feeling right now as I prepare to deliver this baby so extremely early. We are SO blessed with the amazing people in our lives who are praying for us, sending us positive thoughts and helping us out. We have NO idea what tomorrow brings, they don't anticipate tomorrow being the day, or even the day after that but there is absolutely no way to tell. 

I do know that I am so just so blessed with such wonderful family and friends. Wow, I can't describe to you all how many messages and texts we've received today. Being this incredibly ill really brings out the true colors in people. While I've unfortuntaly  had to find out the hard way that a few friends were not the best friend material during this process, just as I did with Olivia, I would say that the majority of the people in our lives have gone so way above and beyond my expectations and shown such incredible love and support.

PS. Keep in mind that I am on an incredibly strong drug that keeps me pretty dopey. If I've repeated myself or I seem redundant or something doesn't make sense, that's why. If you call me, and I don't answer, please don't be offended. I've had Shane return many phone calls because it's very difficult for me to carry a conversation without A. drifting off and B. sobbing my eyes out. 

PPS. Once Ella is born, this blog will become the "beyond" part and we will use it to keep everyone updated on what's going on with her. Please do let us know that people are actually reading it. I've really worked hard on ensuring that I keep our familly and friends updated and want to make sure my hard work is paying off! :) 


  1. praying for you. Hope everything goes well. Like I keep telling you, you were Chosen to have Ella early. You can do it!

  2. You are such a strong mama. Just take one hour at a time. I just know everything will be ok with you and Ella.

  3. I am reading and checking it daily. Be safe me precious daughter...I love you....Dad