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Friday, September 17, 2010

My amazing support system

Of course I had to have the corny picture to go along with my corny blog!! :)

Day 17 of bedrest
90 days left until my EDD

I was trying to think about what I should blog about today. Since I don't have any updates to share, I got to thinking about how incredibly lucky we are this time around with our excellent support system. Aside from all of the well wishes, and the constant prayers, we have a lot of people who are working everyday of the week to help us out by cooking, cleaning, coming over and playing with Olivia, shopping etc. We have friends who have driven from out of town to cook for us and just keep us company. My mom and my two friends Deanna and Meghan take turns coming over every day of the week after Shane is gone and take care of Olivia and I. They have cooked large meals for us, done our laundry, changed Olivia's diapers, given her bathes, played with her...everything that I am completely unable to do. They come over and listen to me complain, whine, cry my eyes out...they hug me, and comfort me when I'm feeling completely down in the dumps. They drive me to doctors appointments when I need it, or run to the store for chapstick when I'm out. Without them, I don't know HOW Shane, Olivia and I would be getting through this. It's amazing to me that all of the people in our lives are willing to make the room for us and fit our needs into their busy schedules. They have lives, and children and meals to cook for their own families. They have errands to run and other things they'd rather do. They assure us it's not a big deal, and even if it's not for them, for us....we can't even put into words the appreciation we feel for all of the people in our lives who have given us so much support in the last few weeks, and will continue giving us support. They already have a game plan for what will happen when I go into the hospital. I complain and whine about being on bedrest but when it comes down to it, I'm eternally grateful to these amazing people in our life who are standing behind us and taking care of my family while I have to lay on the couch and watch from the sidelines. 

NOTE: I don't want to discount all of the people who have been praying for us, checking up on us etc. Just because I didn't mention every single person who has given us support through this doesn't mean that this blog isn't meant for them as well. All of our family and friends have played a role in supporting us through this so I don't any offense to be taken. 

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  1. Too true Christa, it would be impossible without them! I'm so glad you have such wonderful people in your life to help you through this hurdle and allow you to not have to worry quite so much about the day to day things!