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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who needs bedrooms?? :)

Day 26 of bedrest
81 days left until my EDD

Today we talked about it and decided to give a trial run of putting our bed in our living room. I'm very uncomfortable on the couch, plus the simple act of sitting up raises my BP up to pretty dangerous levels. We were originally going to put the couch in our bedroom but our hallway is pretty narrow, plus it has a weird angle so our couch wouldn't fit in there. My friend Deanna suggested that we put it in the dining area and move the dining room table and chairs into our bedroom. I wanted to still have our table and chairs so we decided to put the couch up against the wall in the dining area and put the table in front of it. As long as no one sits on my cream colored couch to eat (which I'll physically injure anyone who does ha ha), I think it will be okay. It's a bit more crowded in here, without a doubt, but it's not actually as bad as I originally thought it would be. Olivia still has playing room, and we still have the chair for people to sit on, plus the bed for people to sit on if they were so inclined. The way we figure is that A. the more comfortable I am, the lower my BP is (hopefully...) and B. the only people who are coming to our place these days are people we know and like and what do they care if our bed is in our living room (okay, Shane didn't care about that, only I did ha ha...what can I say, I'm slightly neurotic!). I do know this, I am much more comfortable and it's better then laying in our bedroom all day with nothing to do! 

Of course Olivia thought it was just the best thing EVER! She was jumping up onto the bed, running across it, getting down, running back over to the other side...lather rinse repeat. I got a short video clip of it that I'm including with this blog post. It was funny at first, except it was WAY past her bedtime. Until she gets used to having the bed in our living room, I have a feeling that bedtime is going to be prettttty tricky! Hopefully it doesn't take TOO long! 

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  1. good luck with the bedtime routine. How did you sleep? I would have my bed in the living room all the time if I could. good luck with the BP!