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Thursday, September 23, 2010

28 weeks!!

Day 23 of bedrest
84 days left until my EDD

Today I turned 28 weeks and am starting the third trimester. This is a milestone in preparing for a premature birth. Even though it's incredibly early, and most DEFINITELY not when you want baby born, the chances of survival are 90-95%. Plus, MN has some world renown hospitals, including the level III NICU at at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, which is where Ella would be if she were born before 32 weeks. This is what the March of Dimes has to say on babies born between 28-31 weeks: 
"These babies look quite similar to babies born earlier, although they are larger (usually between 2 and 4 pounds) and even more likely to survive (about 96 percent) (13). Many require treatment with oxygen, surfactant and assistance to help them breathe. Some of these babies can be fed breastmilk or formula through a tube placed through their nose or mouth into the stomach, although others need to be fed intravenously.
Some of these babies can cry. They can move, although their movements may be jerky. A baby born at this time can grasp a person’s finger. These babies can open their eyes, and they begin to stay awake and alert for short periods.
Babies born at 28 to 31 weeks are at risk for the complications discussed above. When complications occur, however, they may not be as severe as in babies born earlier. Babies born with very low birthweight (less than 3 pounds, 4 ounces) remain at risk for serious disabilities."
Because we're facing the possibility of Ella being born soon, on Monday at my doctors appointment I'm going to discuss when we would consider doing steroid shots to help develop Ella's lungs. If I remember with Olivia, it takes 2 days for them to be effective so we would want to do them at least a few days prior to delivery. We had them a week before Olivia was born and she was born with 100% lung capacity. I'm praying that Ella will be just as lucky. 

Keep praying for 32 (OR MORE!!) weeks! But we're preparing for the possibility that it could happen much sooner. Every day, even HOUR counts at this point. Weeks are golden!! 

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