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Monday, September 13, 2010

Another day closer

Olivia came over for a snuggle while I was on bedrest.

Day 13 of bedrest
94 days left till my EDD

I had a doctors appointment this morning with my periontologist. I was really swollen and my BPs were pretty high. I also had a headache and was spilling protein in my urine. None of which are great signs. They decided to start me on BP meds right away and if they don't lower my BP to a safe level, they are going to admit me into the hospital tomorrow morning for what I HOPE will only be 24-48 hours of monitoring my BP and playing with the medication dosage to find exactly what I need. So far today, my BPs have been pretty high though and I've had a headache all day long. UGH! So here's to hoping they lower overnight and if they don't then I really only do have to be in the hospital for a day or two for monitoring!

I have been thinking about the best way to handle tomorrow if I DO get hospitalized. I was trying to decide if I should leave Olivia with my mom while Shane brings me or if we should bring her with to the hospital. While it will add a bit more stress into the trip, I ultimately decided the best decision would be to bring her with and then Shane can bring her home before he goes to work. That way, she isn't being "abandoned" by mommy and daddy, neither of whom would be coming home. She'll have to leave me behind which will be tough, but at least she'll be going home with daddy. No matter what, if I'm admitted into the hospital tomorrow, it's going to be extremely rough on Olivia. She is very much a mamas girl and I'm sure there will be a lot of tears involved from both mommy and Olivia.

Today is going to be kept short. I'm hoping that eventually I'll have other things to blog about other then updates from going to the doctor or L&D but for now, that seems to be the all consuming events in my life! 

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