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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lost and Found Kitty!! (And our hero neighbors!)

Day 15 of bedrest
92 days left till my EDD

Last night, our 4 month old kitten Zilly ran out the door and I didn't notice it. When Shane got home I realized that I hadn't seen him in quite a while so we searched the house high and low. He was definitely NOT here. By 3 AM, Shane went out and searched the neighborhood and didn't find him. By that time I was so exhausted but I was so upset that all I could do was lay in bed and cry. All we could do was hope that one of our neighbors had taken him in or that he'd come home. This morning, we did another search of the hallways and another round of the neighborhood but no such luck. I made some signs to put on the doors and when we went to put them up, we found a sign from a guy who had found him!!!! We called him and also left a note. 

By this afternoon, one of the roommates dropped Zil off just after Olivia fell asleep and he ran back into our bedroom and jumped on the bed, butting against her head and my hand. He got about 10 minutes of petting before finally curling up beside Olivia's head, with my hand touching his body, and fell asleep with us. The first thing Olivia saw when she woke up was her catty cat snuggled beside her head! We were sooo happy to have him back!

When we woke up, I called the guy who had actually found him. He had bought Zil some food and I told him I wanted to reimburse him for it and let Olivia say thank you to him for finding her cat. He came down when he got home (after I'd argued with him about taking the money on the phone ha ha) and I gave him $25. He tried to argue and I told him I was on bedrest for high blood pressure and if he didn't take the money, my BP would rise and it'd be his fault! ;-) (obviously I was kidding) He was a paramedic so he appreciated the joke and he took the money. He had also bought a cat toy and kept going on and on about how much him and his roommates just loved Zil. I told him if he ever needed anything, to let us know and he said the same thing. I was SO impressed by this guys character and kindness. Not only did he take our cat in, but he went out in the middle of the night to get Zil cat food AND toys and had a box set up for Zil to go to the bathroom in. They played with Zil and gave him a comfortable place to be when we didn't know where he was. I was just...SO beyond impressed by this young guy and his two roommates. I told him they were DEFINITELY getting Christmas cookies from me ha-ha-ha! He also wanted to assure me that if I, as someone on bedrest with medical needs, EVER needed ANYTHING, he was there to help out. 

What a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!! 

So that was the excitement of our day. Not really BP related but I had to tell the story of ourhero neighbors. I'm thinking about having Olivia make them a card. :) 


  1. Maybe do some paint in Zil's paws and sign the card. LOL. Have someone there to help you so kitty doesn't leave paw prints all over the carpet!

  2. Oh lord, no kidding...but that would be WAY cute!! <3