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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Each day is a blessing!

8 days old/days in the NICU
Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz (-2 ounces of water weight-YAY!)

Health Update: Today was another good day in the NICU! Ella is totally weaned off her blood pressure meds and is keeping her BP steady by herself. VERY exciting! She no longer needs a catheter and actually PEED IT OUT! ha ha I laughed when they told me that. She is peeing very good now and is losing some of that water retention. I didn't realize that she had gained several ounces of water retention and was over 3 lbs. I realize that SOUNDS good but it's not the kind of weight she should be gaining because it's all swelling since she isn't peeing like she's supposed to. After they gave her the two dosages of the diuretics though, it really helped and she's finally losing some of that water retention. You could definitely see that she didn't have as much swelling today. I talked to the nurse today and she said they think she'll be off the vent and on CPAP or the nasal cannula within the next day or two. That's really exciting but I won't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen in the next day or two. I've kind of come to the conclusion these days that I know she will be off that vent one of these days and as long as she's alive and slowly getting better, I"ll take it. I guess I just have a whole new view of life after we came so close to losing her. Her x-ray from today was WAY better then it had been and you can definitely tell that her pneumonia is slowly clearing up. She's still working on getting that junk out of her chest. Tomorrow night, I'm going to spend the night at the hospital and I'm super excited because the doctor and nurse feel that she's finally well enough to start back onto Kangaroo Care. We're so lucky that we have a nurse who absolutely adores Ella (she requests her!!) and is extremely pro kangaroo care and has been pushing for it. Before this, she really was too sick for it though. She would get really distressed during her cares and had to be sedated most of the time. She's finally starting to feel a little bit better though so tomorrow night, I should be able to hold her again!! I'm so excited! 

You can see a difference from yesterday in the swelling!
Olivia has been such a trooper during all of this! She definitely is acting out and has some EXTREME separation anxiety with anyone but my mom, but I think she's great considering the circumstances. She knows Ella and she knows that Ella is her sister. She tells people that Ella is her sister and today she told me that she loved Ella and that Ella was her sister. I about melted and died from the cuteness. I thank God that I have Olivia. Having her makes this easier in a way because I have her to help me take the focus off of being sad or worried. Not that the worry isn't constantly there, but Olivia makes us laugh or constantly amazes us with how incredibly intelligent she is! During the time I was in the hospital, she had another word explosion and now has multiple sentences! Yesterday, I was in the bathroom brushing my hair and she yelled out "Mama! Where are you?" Today, I brought her outside in the front of our apartments to play with her bike and she ended up playing in the mud. Eh, whatever, kids are washable. But then she got all upset because she was dirty. She's turning into quite the little girly girl and HATES being dirty! When her hands get dirty, she holds them up and says "I dirty! I dirty!" and makes us wash them. I just can't believe how much I love my two girls!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Pictures of Olivia playing outside today


  1. YAY for all of the awesomely good news and I am so excited that you have an awesome nurse who actually requests Ella :) AND that she is pushing for Kangaroo care! :) I am SOOO happy that you are going to get to hold her! :)

    Olivia is expected to do some things differently... I am so sorry this is so hard for her! :( Of course it can't be helped.. when Ella feels better can Olivia come see her again? Maybe once a week would help :) When you take her to the sibling room can she see Ella from the door or a window? Even if she can't get too close just SEEING her might help!? :) Just a few ideas...

    I know you will make the right decision and make things ok with both of your girls! You are an awesome momma :)

  2. She's too young to be able to see her once a week. Because it's RSV season, they have a really strict policy on sick people and kids coming into the hospital. Once she is 2, she can come and see Ella ONCE for 15 minutes. If she was over 5, she'd be able to see her once a week for 15 minutes. It makes me sad, but I understand why they have these rules in place.

    The sibling room is on a separate floor then the NICU. It's on the skyway level where it's just the welcome desk etc and not in any contact with any of the floors that have patients on it. I wish there was a way for her to see her through a window or door :-/

    We talk about Ella and look at pictures and I think that helps. She sees a picture of Ella and says "Ella!!". We also have a book called "No Bigger then my Teddy Bear" and when I read that to her her, and she saw a picture of a baby in an incubatorm, she pointed at it and said "Ella!!".

  3. Oh BOO.. :( I'm sorry :( Poor Olivia :( I am glad she talks about her and "sees" her in books and such :) I understand the rules but it does make it harder for young siblings :( *sigh* I had Aiden during the height of that stupid H1N1 scare so we were totally separated from Mikey for 4 days! :( Well, I was... Ironically we could have visitors, DADDY Could go see Mikey and then come up to the room but *I* wasn't allowed anywhere near him. :( HUH? LOL.. AND the whole family had already had H1N1 while I was pregnant LOL. I see the reason for the rules but *sigh* they are a bit of a pain lol :) Hopefully Ella will be out and home by the time Olivia is two :) Ok hopefully by the time Mikey is 3 so Ella better hurry it up :) Just kidding ;) Hugs to you all and you are a great and awesome Momma and you are doing a wonderful job balancing both baby girls :)
    (Oh ok. fine.. and Shane is a great and awesome dad and is doing a wonderful job too.. There so Shane doesn't feel left out LOL :) )